The main objective of a pediatrician is to guide every parent in anticipating their child's needs from newborn through college. Pediatricians are trained to help parents determine healthy lifestyles for their child and offer advice to prevent illness and injuries.

Your Lourdes Pediatrics experience begins at your first visit with your chosen provider who will guide you through what to expect and will educate you on immunizations, which are the most important part of your child's doctor's visit. As part of their extensive training, our pediatricians are experienced in the physical, emotional and social development of children. Your child may be too young or too shy to talk, so our pediatricians understand the importance of listening carefully to your child and to you as the parent. They answer all of your questions, helping you to understand and promote y our child's healthy development.

Doctor Practice
Emmanuel F. Ashong, M.D. Hospital Based
Meghan Burke, M.D. Lourdes Pediatric Associates
Penny Chong, M.D. Lourdes Pediatric Associates
Harold Hardison, M.D. Hospital Based
Daphne Hasbani, M.D. Hospital Based
Lovelle McFadden-Parsi, D.O. Lourdes Pediatric Associates
Louis Melchiorre, M.D. Hospital Based
Anisha Roussel, M.D. Hospital Based
Michelle Vital, M.D. Hospital Based
Racine Zechowy, M.D. Lourdes Pediatric Associates